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Little Rock's HistoricPublic Theatre

The Public Theatre is a 49-seat performance space in the heart of Little Rock's Theatre District, that has been providing local artists a venue for creativity and community since 1996.

Up Next at The Public

July 16th
Ravenwood Productions
Little Rock 48 Hour Film Project

If you'd like to be a part of the Ravenwood Productions team for this year's Little Rock 48 Hour Film Project, this is your chance! Click below for all the information on how to be a part of the action:

July 20th
Harmony's Birthday Show:
Poles, Lyra, & Burlesque! - 2.png

Come join in the sexy birthday fun with the wickedly talented Harmony Matthews (@harmonyanisem - IG). Make sure to bring your tip money, to tempt Harmony and friends, who'll be showcasing their sultry skills on the pole, amorous aerial work, and bawdy burlesque!

Doors open at 7pm.

Show begins at 8pm.

Tickets:  $20

Check the calendar below to see what's happening at
The Public Theatre!

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